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New Sales

Meghan Moses, General Sales Manager
(304) 729-3045

Meghan is the General Sales Manager of Moses of St. Albans. She grew up in the Charleston area, and then lived in Virginia to attend college at the University of Virginia and law school at Washington & Lee University School of Law to go on to practice law in Richmond for two years. She moved back to Charleston to be closer to her family and her home state of West Virginia. Please call Meghan for all your Lincoln needs; she is dedicated to ensuring all the clients at Moses are happy ones!

Jamie Lewis, Lincoln Sales Manager
(304) 729-3062

Jamie Lewis has been with Moses Ford for longer than we all can remember! He hails from Greenbrier County, West Virginia, and knew he wanted to get in the car business at an early age. He has won numerous National Ford Walkaround Contests and knows each Ford and Lincoln product inside and out. In his spare time, he also coaches his daughter's softball team and took them all the way to the state championships! Jamie cares about his customers and is a great resource for all things Ford and Lincoln, so give him a call today!

Chris Hawkins, Lincoln Sales Manager
(304) 729-3069

Chris Hawkins began with the Moses Auto Group at our Nissan location. He quickly rose up the ranks from sales into management and moved to the Ford Store as a New Ford/Lincoln Sales Manager in 2016. Chris has an extensive educational background, and even has a bachelor's degree in Education from West Virginia State and a master's degree in School Administration from Marshall University. After Chris began teaching and serving as the Head Baseball Coach at Riverside High School, he had an exciting three-year stint teaching in Hawaii. He moved back to his home state of West Virginia to begin his career in the automotive industry. He has parlayed his teaching skills into strong leadership for our wonderful Ford/Lincoln team where customer care is central to everything we do. Call Chris today and he is happy to help you with all your Ford/Lincoln needs!

Derek McClure, Finance Manager
(304) 729-3063

Derek McClure has been with the Moses Group since 2014 in numerous locations as one of our most valuable Business Managers. After his graduation from Marshall University with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration, he began his career at Midway Ford and Putnam County Bank and has gained invaluable experience over the years in ensuring that we provide excellent finance and insurance options for our customers. Call Derek today with any of your questions or concerns, and he will take excellent care of you!

Lisa Adkins, Administrative Manager
(304) 722-8305

Lisa Adkins has been with Moses Ford/Lincoln for many years since she joined our team in 2000. She began her career in sales, and then transitioned into our Internet Sales Manager. She has extensive knowledge about the car business, but her real talent lies in connecting with people and making everyone she interacts with feel like family. Lisa also loves cats and has volunteered at various shelters and organizations to help care for them in any way she can. She is now our Customer Care Manager and is a wonderful resource for any car or truck concerns you may have. Call Lisa today; she will make sure we take excellent care of you.

Jim Marshall, New Lincoln Sales Consultant
(304) 729-3074

Jim Marshall has been in the car business since 1975 at Harvey Shreve Ford (before our group bought it!), and has been a fixture at our Ford Lincoln store for many years of valuable service. His many years of experience benefit his customers as he knows every Ford and Lincoln inside and out and is an expert on the Ford and Lincoln brand as well as the car business itself. As such, he is our resident "Lincoln Brand Champion." Jim has excellent style and is lovingly known as "Cowboy Jim" because of his uniform of his crisp white Oxford Moses shirts and black snakeskin cowboy boots he wears every day. Jim has a loyal and devoted customer base because of the great care he gives to each one of his customers. Give Cowboy Jim a call today and let him help you get in a brand-new Ford or Lincoln!

Daniel Hines, New Lincoln Sales Consultant
(304) 729-3095

Daniel Hines is a valuable part of our Ford/Lincoln team, and has been with us since 2009. He began his automotive career as a proficient member of our detail team and moved quickly into sales with his friendly and easy demeanor. Customers ask for Daniel again and again because they know they are dealing with someone who will treat them like family with his friendly smile. He always goes the extra mile to make sure they are smiling as wide as he is before they leave with their new Ford or Lincoln vehicle. Call Danny today and let him assist you with all your Ford/Lincoln questions!

Jacob Samples, New Lincoln Sales Consultant

Jacob Samples joined the Moses family after working at AT&T and then with his own family business- L'il Bit of Heaven Cupcakes in St. Albans, West Virginia. He came to join us due to his other passions- the best-built cars and trucks in the industry, Fords and Lincolns! Jacob's customers take a quick liking to him due to his amazing beard and kind demeanor. Just like in his family business, he does not let a customer leave without a sweet deal. Call Jacob today with any of your Ford or Lincoln questions, and we would be happy to take great care of you!

Devan Bays, New Lincoln Sales Consultant
(304) 729-3072

Devan Bays is a Moses Ford legacy, as his grandfather Samuel Bays sold at Moses Ford for years and continues to be a legendary source of inspiration to us all! Devan began his career as a Cavalry Scout and was promoted to a Sergeant in the West Virginia Army National Guard. He won the "Excellence in Cav Award" during his service. Devan's proudest achievement was becoming a father, and the fact his son was the first-born baby in the Tri-State Area in 2015! He is an outspoken Cowboys fan and bleeds blue and silver! Call Devan today for excellent service in finding your next Ford or Lincoln car or truck! 

Austin Liddle, New Lincoln Sales Consultant
(304) 729-3173

Austin Liddle is a recent addition to our Moses Ford Lincoln Team. He graduated from George Washington High School, and his love of cars and truck drove him to apply to work with Moses. He is a Master Certified Ford/Lincoln Sales Consultant, and can guide you with any questions you may have about Ford and Lincoln's award-winning vehicles. He is a dog lover, and loves taking excellent care of his customers. Call Austin today and get yourself into a new Ford or Lincoln vehicle!

Aaron Bodie, New Lincoln Sales Consultant
(304) 729-3071

Aaron Bodie is a great addition to our team with his extensive background in the food and hospitality industries. He moved up the ranks quickly at well-known top-rated restaurants in the Charleston area such as Lola's Pizza and Black Sheep Burrito and is no stranger in how to make sure each of his clients has a top-notch experience. In his spare time, he is also an excellent boxer. Call Aaron today- he will fight to get you the best deal on your new Ford or Lincoln!

Tesa Higginbotham, New Lincoln Sales Consultant
(304) 729-3165

Tesa joined Moses after a successful stint in cell phone sales. Her stepfather, Todd Watson, works at our Moses Used Car Supercenter, and inspired her to apply. With her sunny personality and hard work ethic, Tesa is a welcome addition to our team. Her attention to detail and focus on making her customers happy will keep them coming back again and again. Call Tesa today with all your Ford and Lincoln questions and she will be happy to take good care of you!

Cody Elkins, New Lincoln Sales Consultant
(304) 729-3071

Cody joined our Moses Sales team after a stint in retail sales. He graduated from Lincoln County High School in 2016. His experience helping customers was a great fit for our culture, and Cody prides himself on taking excellent care of each of his clients. His is Master Certified in Ford and Lincoln product knowledge and is happy to answer any of your questions. Call Cody today and have him help you get into your next Ford or Lincoln!


Used Sales

Meghan Moses, General Sales Manager
(304) 729-3045

Eric Castelli, Lincoln Used Car Manager
(304) 729-3077

Eric Castelli has been with the Moses Group for over 20 years, beginning with his stint at our downtown Pontiac Buick Cadillac GMC store. He has much experience in various positions at our dealerships, and knows the car business inside and out. Eric is one of the hardest workers we know, and spends hours making sure that he has top inventory for his clientele, and that his lot is clean, organized, and convenient for our shoppers online and on the lot. He is a great leader to his team, and we get rave reviews from customers about the excellent treatment they receive when they visit our Ford Used Car Store. Call Eric today with any questions you may have- he is happy to help!

Cliff Adkins, Business Manager
(304) 722-4900

Cliff began with our group in our Moses Ford/Lincoln Sales Department in November 2012, and quickly excelled and was promoted to our Used Car Store Business Manager in October 2015. Cliff's attention to detail and dedication to his clients are the reason why he has a loyal base that comes back to work with him again and again. In his spare time, Cliff enjoys spending time with his wife Lisa Adkins (who works with our Ford Team as our Customer Care Manager), and their cats. He also enjoys whitewater rafting. Call Cliff today for all your automotive needs!  

Paul Waugh, Lincoln Used Sales Consultant
(304) 729-3096

Paul is another one of our most seasoned veterans, with many years of automotive experience under his belt. He has worked at a number of our locations, including the previous C&O Used Car Store which is now the Moses Used Car Supercenter. He is also a military veteran, with many years of service to his country. His military background coupled with his years taking care of his clients serves him well when he is helping his customers pick out their perfect car. Call Paul today, and he would be happy to help you in your search!

Scott Allen, Lincoln Used Sales Consultant
(304) 729-3081

Scott is one of our veteran Sales Consultants and has been in the business and with our group many years. One of his greatest strengths is connecting with his customers and making sure they are always taken care of. He is the proud father of two wonderful daughters. If you wanted to be treated like family, call Scott today and he would be happy to help you out!

TJ Neal, Lincoln Used Sales Consultant
(304) 729-3085

TJ has been with Moses for many years, and consistently performs at the top of the sales board due to his commitment to making sure he takes care of his customers and keeps them happy. His experience in the industry helps to make the customer journey seamless and easy for his clients. In his spare time, TJ enjoys spending quality time with his family. Don't hesitate to give TJ a call today for all your vehicle questions and he would be glad to help you find your next perfect vehicle!

David Davis, Lincoln Used Sales Consultant
(304) 729-3082

David has worked for years in the retail automotive sales space, and has held various positions in sales and management. He came from us from the Thornhill group, and has been a welcome addition to our seasoned Used Cars team. Part of his success comes from his attention and care to his customers. He is a Certified Ford Sales Consultant and can answer any new or used Ford product question you may have. Call David and he would be glad to help you in your vehicle search!

Johnny Dickens, Lincoln Used Sales Consultant
(304) 729-3065

Johnny is another member of our team who has had extensive experience in the automotive sales business. He joined us from Turnpike Ford, and quickly proved that he is a seasoned sales professional who always goes the extra mile to take care of his customers. He is also a Certified Ford Sales Consultant, and is able to help with any of your new or used questions!



David Acree, Lincoln Service Manager
(304) 729-3090

David has been in the fixed operations business for over 35 years. He began his career at Nappa Auto Parts, and was with them for 25 years. From there, he was promoted to District Manager of Hunter Equipment, which specializes in automotive and shop equipment. David joined our Moses team in 2014 where he served as our Body Shop Manager. Due to his boundless energy and ability to take excellent care of his customers, he moved to quickly to Ford Service and is now our Service Director of Ford, BMW, Alfa Romeo, and Fiat brands. He has two great kids, and enjoys golf on the weekends. Call David and he would be happy to help with any of your service needs.

Melissa Ayash, Warranty Administrator and Customer Care Manager
(304) 729-3178

Melissa has a long tenure with the Moses Group. She joined our service team in 2012 as a Lincoln Service Writer, and has since become one of our Lincoln Brand Champions which has allowed her to attend many specialized training sessions to learn how our team can better serve our customers. Melissa also served in the army from 1991 to 1995 where she was deployed as a tank mechanic to Kuwait and Desert Storm. Melissa's background serves her well now as she is always attuned to every detail to make sure we are exceeding expectations in the service department. Her sister, Lisa Hager, is just over in Ford Sales as our Customer Care Manager, so their empathetic nature is a family trait. Call Melissa anytime and she would be happy to assist with any of your Ford/Lincoln service needs!

Bill Weaver, Lincoln Service Advisor
(304) 729-3058

Bill is our most seasonsed Service Advisor, as he began with Moses over 30 years ago in May of 1984. One of his high school mentors who sold BMWs for Moses on the weekends got him connected with our group, and he has been with us ever since! He had a short stint as a lot attendant, and then moved to his postion as a Ford/Lincoln Service Advisor. Bill's years of experience helps him take excellent care of his loyal customer base. On his off time, Bill is heavily involved with his church family. Feel free to contact Bill and he would be glad to help with any of your Ford/Lincoln service questions!

Anthony Bell, Lincoln Service Advisor
(304) 729-3071

Anthony is a newer addition to our Service Team, and we are glad to have him. Before joining our Ford Sales Team in 2016, Anthony worked for Prestera as a clinical pyschologist. He has a wonderful understanding of the human pysche and parlays this skill-set directly into understanding his customers' needs and making sure he delivers top-notch service. He was a Certified Ford Sales Consultant when he was in our sales department, and that product knowledges also translates directly into his ability to help with customer questions about their Ford/Lincoln car or truck. On his off time, he enjoys being with his young son and likes to travel. Call Anthony today with any of your Ford/Lincoln service needs!

Jasmine Ingram, Lincoln Service Advisor (Quick Lane)
(304) 729-3057

Jasmine has been with the Moses Group for two years, and has quickly risen up the ranks from receptionist at our BMW Store to a service writer for our Chevrolet and Nissan stores. When our Ford Store needed a Quick Lane advisor to help provide our customers a seamless and efficient process to help maintenance their vehicles, Jasmine was a natural fit. Her background in other customer-facing jobs such as veterinary work and cosmopology gave her valuable experience in how to take care of her clients and make sure they leave feeling great with a smile on their faces. Call Jasmine today and she can get you in and out and back on the road in your Ford or Lincoln before you know it!

Chelsea Elkins, Administrative Assistant
(304) 729-3178

We are glad to have Chelsie on our team due to her easy-going and friendly nature. Chelsie is new the car business, but her extensive experience helping take care of customers makes her a natural fit in the department. She came upon our group through mutual friends and she is a bright spot on our Service Team. If you ever need any help with any of your Ford/Lincoln questions, Chelsie would be happy to make sure we take care of you!



Fonda Tucker, Parts Manager
(304) 729-3050

Fonda has been with the Moses Group ever since March of 1979, when she began working in the Parts department at our downtown Charleston location. She moved to St. Albans in 2001, and has a wonderful track record taking great care of the department and her loyal customers. She has attended various training courses and has won many awards over the years, including Ford's prestigious Ford Medallian Elite Club, which recognizes an elite group of Parts Managers who produced results of over 4.3% growth in Retail Parts & Service Sales, 8.7% higher scores in Overall Service Satisfaction, 6.4% more sales in Wholesale & Counter Retail Parts, and 5.7% more revenue in Body Shop Parts Sales. Call Fonda today, and she would be delighted to help you with any of your parts needs!

Don Chandler, Parts Advisor
(304) 729-3051

Don has been with Moses ever since 1996 in our Parts Department. Before he came to work with us, he worked for a lumbar company in Florida. With over twenty years of experience, Don is a great resource for any questions you may have about Ford, Lincoln, or BMW parts. Call him today and he can help with any question you may have.

Tony Stanley, Parts Advisor
(304) 729-3052

Tony is a seasoned parts advisor, with many years under his belt. He started in the industry in 1978 and worked at various dealerships until he made Moses his home. When it comes to Parts, Tony knows everything there is to know- so don't hesitate to give him a call! When he is not hard at work at Moses, he enjoys spending time with his brother and sister. Call Tony today with all your Parts questions and he would be glad to help you out!

Steve Searls, Parts Advisor
(304) 722-8315

Steve Searls is an experienced veteran of the car business, and has worked in Parts since July 1, 1974 at this location before it was even Moses! If you are looking to work with someone who knows Parts in and out, Steve is the person to call! In his spare time he enjoys hunting and fishing with his son and four grandchildren. Call Steve today and he would be happy to assist you!

Hunter Horn, Parts Advisor
(304) 729-3053

Mark Withrow, Wholesale Parts
(304) 729-3175

Mark has worked in Parts for over twenty years. He started at Bert Wolfe Ford before recently joining our group. We were glad to have him aboard due to his extensive experience and wonderful relationship with his customers. When he is not working, he enjoys hunting and fishing with his two children and grandson. Call Mark today and he can answer of your wholesale parts questions!

Todd Young, Wholesale Parts
(304) 729-3175

Todd is a more recent addition to our team at Moses, but has been around the Parts industry for many years. He worked in Parts at Bert Wolfe Ford for 26 years, and is extremely knowledgeable in his field. We are glad to have him on our wholesale parts team! In his spare time, he loves to hunt and fish with his friends. Give Todd today about all your wholesale parts needs and he would be glad to take good care of you.


Body Shop

Jon Caleb Midkiff, Body Shop Manager
(304) 729-3090

Jon Caleb joined us seven years ago in 2011, along with his dad in our body shop. His dad and Jon Caleb have been in the business for years, and are top-notch body and paint men with great experience from working in various larger markets such as Atlanta. We were glad to have them both join our team. When his dad moved from managing the Body Shop department to focus on his true passion of painting cars, despite his young age, Jon Caleb moved up the ranks quickly due to his excellent knowledge and skill in the body work business. His previous experience with Dent Wizard helped to serve his growth, and his wonderful relationship with customers helps keep them calm despite an unplanned and potentially stressful event. Jon Caleb helps them get back into their car in no time. For all your body work and collision needs, call Jon Caleb today. He is happy to help!

Deidre Priddy, Office Manager
(304) 729-3090

Dierdre has been with Moses since November of 2007. She has provided our group with valuable service in various departments including service, but made her move to full time at our Body Shop on January 1, 2010. She is a wonderful resource to us and her loyal customers, making repairs after an unexpected event as painless as possible. Call Deirdre today for any of our collision or repair questions, and she would be glad to assist you!

Justin Chapman, Body Shop Parts Advisor
(304) 722-8312